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Papillon Puppies Rule!

I haven’t posted anything here in almost a year. My bad! Guess I have some catching up to do. In the mean time, you can check out the two bundles of joy – Mac and iPod – who are 6 weeks and 2 days old today. They are really starting to act like dogs! Click the image below to open a new window and watch a three minute video. (No downloading required!)


October 24, 2006

Dog Shows

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This past weekend was the Bangkok Grand Dog Show at The Mall in Bangkapi. It was sponsored by the Kennel Club of Thailand which I joined last year. I had been to two shows to observe earlier this year, but this was the first dog show I entered since moving to Thailand 18 months ago. The KCTh does not recognize any points won in AKC sanctioned events in America, so my dogs have to start all over again, although Gianni’s Am.CH status is recognized here. I want to earn my dogs their Thai Champion status.

The shows in Thailand operate the same as AKC shows, but the point system is totally different, and there are more classes. I don’t understand the requirements for becoming a CH just yet. The show president – a Police General – informed me that the summary printed in the Show Catalog will be translated into English by the next show. That will help a lot! His wife also helped me a lot with registration. They both speak excellent English.

There were three shows, two on Saturday – a Group 9 Specialty (Companion and Toy Dogs) and the 45th KCTh All Breed Championship Dog Show – and the FCI Int’l Championship Dog Show on Sunday. So we had three opportunities to earn “Challenge Certificates” and points. Since there are 4 FCI shows anually in Thailand, it’s also possible to earn an International Championship… cool!

To get my dogs registered with the KCTh I had to submit their AKC Registrations and Pedigrees, and pay a 100 Baht fee. Since Kolie wasn’t interested in helping me show, I asked our houseboy Thien if he would like to help. He takes such good care of the dogs anyway, bathing them and feeding them and giving them their vitamins. They follow him around the townhouse constantly and some even sleep with him occaisonally. So we worked together for about a month, practicing setting the dogs on the table, and walking them “down and back” in the soi in front of the townhouse. Thien really enjoyed the break from house chores and the dogs loved the extra attention.

We loaded the grooming table, supplies (Sandee French taught me the importance of making a checklist!) the 3 Papillons and the Chihuahua in their crates, show clothes, a small cooler of drinks and bait, and Kolie, Thien and me into a taxi Saturday morning. It took almost an hour to get to the shopping center in Bangkapi, a suburb northwest of Bangkok. We unloaded on the 4th floor outside the exhibition hall, found a spot near Ring 3 and set up shop. We were ready 1/2 hour before the scheduled start of the Group 9 Specialty, but unfortunately the Thai judge “had car trouble” and we waited more than two hours to go in the ring.

Takko was up first, after the Long Coat Chihuahuas. He is nine years old now, very stubborn, and uncooperative! He refuses to stand up straight on the table, and when on the floor insists on his nose to the mat and marking whenever he can. He did get a 1st ribbon against one other Smooth Coat, though, but against the other class winners he got 2nd Place. And then in the FCI Show Sunday he was written up by the Portuguese Judge for improper topline and bad gait. Later I vowed that these were his last shows!

The Papillons followed the Chis, the French Bulldogs, and the Maltese. Gianni, Doobee and Lele were the only Paps entered, which I had expected. The Thai judge told me Gianni was too “leggy” for his taste. Lele took Best of Breed in the Specialty. Doobee took BOB in the All-Breed. We didn’t make any Group placements. Sunday at the FCI Doobee took BOB again.

I had a great time. Kolie was bored… especially Saturday because the All-Breed Group didn’t happen until almost 7 pm. Thien was thrilled. Kolie had bought him a nice black suit to show – he looked great and was so happy – and we both had new Gold neckties – the color of the King. I wore the great black suit that Dad bought me last time I was in NJ. It was my first opportunity to wear it.

You know? People are the same all over the world. You live your life, you follow your interests privately and socially. You laugh, you love, you cry, you rejoice. The experience this weekend could have been the same anywhere. Maybe there were more smiles though. Maybe I’ve never been happier.

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